Looking for a good digital designer who has offline skills too?

Sites, corporate identities, landing pages, e-mailings, banners, print, video, stop motion: I can do it. As a child I built LEGO houses. Later, when I got older, I started to design corporate identities for sport brands and CD covers.

Since 2000 I started being creative online. That worked out so well, that I decided to swap plastic and steel with pixels and bytes after my study Industrial Product Design (The Hague University).

I like to create easy-consumable visual communication, use design and coding to achieve that purpose and enjoy to deliver fast ánd qualitatively.

Marketeers and enterpreneurs contact me for crossmedia campaigns with short time frames, but also to design corporate identities and print designs.

I worked for LOI and Philips, but also for small companies and foundations. What can I do for you? E-mail me or connect me on LinkedIn.