Jester of the King - Artwork

Jester of the King is the artist name of Judith Moerman. She writes and perfoms fresh pop songs withmet folk and jazz influences. Jester played at several national radio stations. As a musician, Arjen collaborated a few times, but now he was priviliged to design artwork for her album Gravitation. The title of the album (and of the title track) talks about gravitation. Judith came up with the album concept: the well known album of Newton sitting in the shadow of an apple tree. Arjen used that as a starting poiint. We did not want to make the art work cheesy, but still we wanted to communicate it using clear hints. That's why the artwork shows apples, the apple tree, but also calculatons. The most attractive to show this calculations, is writing them down by hand. That's how the the handwriting-paper came to life. The idea for the album cover didn't take not too much work.

Arjen asked Arend Maatkamp for the photography. Fun fact: we used brown strings to attach the apples to the tree. We had too: the photos were made in the middle of the summer. The art work tells several stories. One of them is the parallel between the journey of an apple and the journey of creating a song. Judith plays the guitar, sitting in the shadow af an apple tree (cover), the apples fall down/ by playing the guitar, inspiration comes (back of the booklet), the apples (songs) can be gathered (behind the CD), Judith presents the apples (songs) to us (back of the jewel case). The shown calculations match the position of the apple on the photo. The second, easier story is about the way of an apple: blossom, apple, apple syrup.

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