De Rechtstaat: logo, new year card

De Rechtstaat was a hiphop duo consisting of Michaël Gabriël (rapper) and Chesron Sminia (zanger) . They combined fresh, electronic beats withc cool outfits and words full of life. They made every gig a great experience. It turned out it is not that easy to use visual language that hints to the jurisdictional origin of the name while still fitting a happy, dynamic due like De Rechtstaat. Even though the duo always calls themselves 'de' Rechtstaat, we chose not to use the 'the' in the logo. Just because without it, the logo looks good and 'works'.

It turned out this logo can be used in very different situations: very small in video clips or very large in football stadiums. Arjen was asked to design a new year card too. Michaƫl suggested to use the word 'spetterend' (meaning something like 'splashing'). Arjen combined this text with a photo where Chesron wears an eccentric jack and a lot of splashes, creating a visually impactful card that fits the happy character of De Rechtstaat very well.

De Rechtstaat logostudies en uiteindelijke logo De Rechtstaat nieuwjaarskaartje De Rechtstaat logo op fiets, skateboard, smartphone De Rechtstaat, toepassing logo-lettertype op shirts De Rechtstaat logo op EO-jongerendag

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