Above All Records: logos, graphic design

Above All Records is a records label that specializes in releasing trance music and related styles. A good starting point for upcoming talent. Well known producers got to know the label. For instance, Armin van Buuren played their tracks. Above All Records is being referred to with terms as 'respected' and 'established'. Later on, the sublabels All Access (house), Above Allternative (progressive) and Alltum (deep house) were added. Arjen was involved even before the official founding of the label. He designed the corporate identity in such a way that it could last throughout the years that followed.

When the sublabels were added he designed the logo's in such a way that they feel as 'family' while fitting the feel of the specific genre. He designed templates for the artworks, making it possible to capture the feel of a track or album in one image, while everybody will see it's an Above All release in a glance, even when the images are shown at a very small size. This page shows, besides the logos, a small selection of the great amount of artwork he designed for the label.

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