Several companies/ organisations: logos

Triple Agency

Triple Agency is a booking agengy, respresenting three DJs. When you think of a DJ, you will easily associate it LPs. Sometimes easy does it.

Lang Leve Taart

The name means 'Long Live Cake'. Sometimes an client comes op with such a good idea that it only needs some computer work. Female, cosy and clear.

Duijm Elektrotechniek

Duijm Elektrotechniek (electrical engineering) was searching for a new, modern logo after they decided to close their psysical shop to focus on installing electrical installations. Electricity is easily associated with wires and, in terms of colors, black and red. The initials 'd' and 'e' can be found in the logo. Furthermore, the 's' of the dutch woord 'stroom' (meaning electricity) can be found.


Dijkdoorbraak (dike break through) is a company that's founded by Ron van Dijk, who wants to realise a break through for your comany. He adds to you success by using web analytics. The color was green was chosen because of the name 'dike''dijk'. De splinters emphasize the 'breaking' part.

Heilige Herrie

Heilige Herrie (holy noise) is a twitter- en facebook-channel for christians, who want to reflect their faith in the time before Easter. Heilige Herrie uses, surprisingly, songs that were not writtng with that purpose in mind. A self-mockery name asks for a funny logo. Angels wings and a halo represent 'holy' while 'noise' is represented by a speaker.

Mulder Automatisering

A no-nonsense company like Mulder Automatisering (automation) needs a simple, clean but fresh logo. That's why Arjen designed a simple typographic solution, with a simple added square, representing 'vierkant achter je diensten staan', a word play with the word square meaning something like 'fully believing in your own services'.

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